Family Ski Trip

    March 23, 2017

    Do you guys ever get back from vacation and feel like you need a vacation to recover from your vacation? Kind of ridiculous, yes I know. I’m not throwing a pity party but geez you guys, it’s taken me a while to get back into the swing of things around here. All of us have been waking up later than usual and it took me til today to finally get back in the gym, ah!

    But for real though, our trip was amazing. We were so excited because it was Aubrey’s first time ever seeing snow and both of our first times ever skiing. We went with Greg’s family and rented a house through Airbnb during our stay in Killington, Vermont; which I would highly recommend if you’re going skiing with a larger group. Winter storm Stella came through while we were there and dumped almost 30 inches of snow on us. I don’t think Aubrey could have dreamed up a better first experience seeing snow.

    I have to say the first day we skied I hated it. Aubrey picked it up like a pro but I was just not having it. So when it came time for our second day of skiing I was seriously dreading it. But with the all the snow we got it made it easier to ski and I picked it up pretty easily. Much to Greg’s relief. I’m really not very athletic at all, so I think he was secretly hoping that I would at least be able to ski. But I’ve got it down and we are all ready for another ski trip next year!

    Snow storms call for snow angels.

    I found these boots at Sorel during their winter sale and I swear they are the warmest, most comfortable snow shoes you’ll find. With the cold temps, I was so glad I got these for the trip.

    Just maybe kind of a little excited about her first time seeing snow.

    After Vermont we headed to New Hampshire for a day to see family. Our time there consisted of snowball fights, sledding and lots of lobster for dinner. The last day of our vacation lead us to Boston which we were all SO excited about. There’s an insane amount of history all throughout the city so we really enjoyed walking the Freedom Trail for a good portion of our day. I loved seeing how interested Aubrey was in all of it and how much she already knows about little bits of history.

    I’ll be doing a post within the next couple of weeks that will feature a quick 24-hour guide to seeing the best of Boston in a day. Keep an eye out! We are already wanting to get back to Boston to do some more exploring. I would love to go up in fall when all the leaves are changing. Here’s to hoping another trip up isn’t too far away 😉

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