Bathroom Cabinet Organization

March 16, 2016

With our recent move we had some serious downsizing to do. Our main issue was bathroom storage. In our old place we had two sinks, lots of counter space and more than enough cabinet space underneath for the three of us. Now we have one cabinet for everything. Between Aubrey and I we have more toiletries, lotions, sprays, nail polishes, etc than anyone should ever even actually need. I’ll admit it’s a little ridiculous. That’s why organizing and making the most of the space we had was crucial. I thought I would share with you guys some great finds that have made our under the cabinet space so much better and organized.

I bought these little baskets at Walmart for 2 for a $1.00. One for all of Aubrey’s things and one for mine. Anything we need is easily accessible and we don’t have to spend forever digging through one big drawer of things looking for what we need.


These drawer organizers here and here are so great for separating little odds and ends. I put everything for my hair in the top drawer and the other two drawers are for all of those Birchbox goodies I have yet to use. Eventually I’ll get around to testing all those products! And the bottom single drawer container is for all of my nail polishes. While organizing I went through and got rid of over half of my nail polishes that were old, something I will definitely be doing more often after seeing what they looked like. Ew.


This basket I found at TJ Maxx, I mean when have you not found what you’re looking for when you go there!? These over-the-door hanging baskets (for only $5.99) are so perfect for maximizing your storage space.


This was by far my favorite find for organizing. An over-the-door basket for all of my hair styling products. YES! How had I gone so long without one of these? Now all of my products are in one place and cords aren’t taking over my cabinet like before. If you get anything, get this. Another TJ Maxx find, for only $7.99.


There you have it! There’s not much to it, just remember to find ways to use every nook and cranny. Little drawers and baskets are the best way to organize, especially when it comes to the bathroom because I feel like things can get cluttered very quickly. Have you done any bathroom organization lately? I’m always looking to learn new tips on how to declutter my space and would love to hear from you!


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  • Reply AikA❤︎ March 25, 2016 at 7:59 am

    Thanks for sharing, hon!!!! My roommate and I just moved upstairs from basement rooms, and our bathroom is now smaller than the one downstairs. So I will definitely use your tips to our bathroom organization! THANKS 🙂

    xo from Seattle,


    • Reply annie March 25, 2016 at 11:04 pm

      Downsizing is so hard, especially when it comes to the bathroom. I’m glad these tips will help you and your roommate, thanks Aika!

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