Hotel Stay: Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort

August 18, 2016

Koh Phi Phi -

How cute are these Garden Bungalows!? We first stayed in one of these then moved to one of the Pool Villas, we decided “treat yoself” would be in full affect while in the islands.

Koh Phi Phi - www.discoveringyourhappy.comKoh Phi Phi - www.discoveringyourhappy.comKoh Phi Phi -

The Pool Villas at the Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort surpassed our expectations. The villas were up on a hill overlooking the water and they each had a privacy fence at the front, along with their own private pool. Whenever we wanted to go down to one of the restaurants or to the beach, we called the front desk and they sent a golf cart up to get us. Talk about amazing hospitality.

Koh Phi Phi - www.discoveringyourhappy.comKoh Phi Phi -

I think I could’ve stayed in this pool all day if I had the chance. It was so peaceful and relaxing we didn’t want to leave.

Koh Phi Phi - www.discoveringyourhappy.comKoh Phi Phi - www.discoveringyourhappy.comKoh Phi Phi -

Walking to dinner the first night on the island we caught a glimpse of the sunset. Even in the evening hours the resort is so breathtakingly beautiful.

Koh Phi Phi -

When booking our hotels for Thailand I think I was most eager to pick where we were staying while in the Phi Phi Islands. The islands themselves are like something out of a movie. There were numerous times during the day when I had to kind of take a step back from whatever we were doing and make myself look around and truly take in the beauty of where we were. Palm trees and crystal clear waters as far as the eye could see.

I stumbled across the Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort while trying to find where to stay and immediately knew we had to book it. Everything about the resort was as amazing as the photos showed. There were long tail boats waiting for us at the pier to take us to the resort. There are no roads on the island so the boats shuttle you back and forth to the resort. We came around a bend and there sat the resort on its own secluded beach. Once we had docked and gotten off the boat, we were greeted with a smiles, cold towels and welcome drinks.

When booking our room we included WiFi and daily breakfast in the rate. It was such a great idea, we were able to stay connected with family back home and each morning we were able to go down and enjoy a delicious breakfast. Their buffet spread was one of the best we had during our two weeks in Thailand. There were two other restaurants on the property that were equally as delicious so I recommend trying them all! Behind the resort is a small village with a few local bars to enjoy for those who aren’t completely exhausted from the sun.

While in the Phi Phi Islands we knew we wanted to do an excursion. Lucky enough, the resort has it’s on excursions to choose from. We chose the Early Bird Excursions to Maya Bay and surrounding areas. Maya Bay, most popular from the movie The Beach, can get pretty crowded early on in the day. Since we had booked the early bird tour we were one of the first boats to arrive to the island. I highly suggest doing this tour, we were able to explore the small island without having to make our way around other tourists. We stayed for an hour and by the time we left, the beach was already beginning to fill up with numerous boats and tourists flocking to see the famed Maya Bay.

The hospitality we received while at Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort was warm and welcoming. From the the front desk, to the wait staff in the restaurants, to our excursion guide, everyone was always so helpful and kind. Our stay in both the garden bungalow and the pool villa were more than we could have hoped for and we hope to return for another stay in the future.

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