Must-Have Travel Apps You’ll Actually Use

November 3, 2016

Traveling is always so exciting, from planning the trip, to booking accommodations, to boarding the plane, there’s always so much that goes into a trip. When it comes to the planning process of a trip, I get so into it and enjoy doing my research. I love finding all of the best things to do and what people recommend most in the place I’m traveling to. Needless to say, technology plays a huge part in our travels from beginning to end. Below are some of my favorite FREE apps to use before and during a trip. I’m not saying these are the best or the only ones out there to use, but I would definitely suggest downloading them beforehand and giving them a try!

1. Pack Point


About the app: Quite simply a life changer, especially for those of us that aren’t always the best at packing. You choose your destination, the date you are going and how long you are staying there for; then you pick the different activities you will be partaking in while you are there. And voilà! You’ve got a full packing list at your fingertips of what you need to bring on your trip.

2. WhatsApp


About the app: WhatsApp is a pretty simple app to use. It’s basically like text messaging, however with general text messages when you are in a foreign country most the time you can’t use cellular data. So WhatsApp is the easy solution to still being able to stay in contact with family and friends back home. It works using WiFi and can be used for texting, sending videos/photos and making phone calls.

3. Hotel Tonight


About the app: The best place to find good deals on last minute hotel stays. Hotel Tonight brings the best deals straight to your phone up to a week in advance. So even if you are looking for a hotel for that same night, you can find the hotel and the price that works for you. This app is especially great for spur of the moment travelers.

4. Avast WiFi Finder


About the app: No WiFi? No problem. With the WiFi Finder, it does just that. Wherever you are, you can pull up the apps map and find the nearest WiFi spots. It even tells you how secure it is and the speed of each WiFi spot near you.

5. Oanda Currency Converter


About the app: A quick and easy way to convert currency. When in a foreign country and you are unfamiliar with the currency, you can use this app to easily see how much something costs. You plug in the two currencies you are comparing (i.e. Euro and USD) and the amount is instantly converted.

6. Google Translate


About the app: Go ahead and download this now if you plan on visiting somewhere that you may be unfamiliar with the language. Google Translate is a life saver when it comes to foreign languages. It can automatically translate written words through the camera, you can type in the words, you can use the speaker and you can also use your finger to write the words on the screen to instantly be translated. With numerous languages to choose from, Google Translate can very easily come in handy throughout a trip to a foreign country.

7. Uber


About the app: What on earth did we do before we had Uber!? Uber is the much upgraded version of a taxi. You can set your pick-up and drop-off locations, pick the type of car you need (uberX, uberPOOL, uberXL, uberSELECT, etc) and split the fare with friends. You can also schedule an uber so you know there will be one available to you at the right time. Uber is widely used and is in different countries all over the world.

8. Google Trips


About the app: So extremely helpful when planning a vacation. Google Trips lets you choose a date and destination for your upcoming trip. You are then shown countless of options of things to do and where to eat and drink. There is also a map view so you can see where things are located according to where you are. You can save the things that you want to do or are interested in and they go into a separate folder to refer back to later. You can also add reservations to the app so everything is in one place.

9. Trail Wallet


About the app: Trail Wallet helps you keep track of your spending during a trip. You can set the amount you wish to spend per day, then throughout the day and the length of your stay it gives you a snapshot of how much you’ve spent as well as what you’ve spent your money on. For those looking stay within their budget for a trip, this app is a must have.

10. Yelp


About the app: You can find just about any restaurant, bar, shop, etc. on this app. It’s set to your current location so it will find what’s around you. I’ve been using Yelp for years and love it, it’s always my go to even when I’m at home and can’t think of where to grab a bite. You can use it to find a location, see hours of operation, read reviews, see users uploaded photos and even make reservations at restaurants.


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  • Reply Emmy November 4, 2016 at 11:22 am

    This is such a useful and unique post. I am actually traveling a lot the next few months so I am definitely going to try some of the apps out 🙂
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    • Reply annie November 8, 2016 at 9:25 am

      Thanks so much! These apps are so great, I hope you find them as useful as I do when traveling.


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