Wynwood Art District: Miami, FL

August 16, 2017

Over the summer I made my way down to Ft. Lauderdale to visit one of my friends for a weekend. I had been down to Ft. Lauderdale before but I had not visited Miami yet. So she decided to play tourist for a day and go along with my plans of wanting to go to the Wynwood Walls while I was there. The Miami Art District has become a huge attraction while visiting Miami, so if you want any chance at beating the crowd, get there as soon as they open.

One of our first stops was the mural by artist Maya Hayuk and one of the most photographed murals in Wynwood. So of course we had to grab our photo there like everyone else seemed to be doing. I love the way the entire place is laid out. It’s like you’re just walking around a park that happens to have a lot of murals everywhere. There’s also buildings you can dip in and out of that have different art pieces as well.

After the heat of the Florida summer had drained everything out of us, we stopped by the Wynwood Diner for a quick bite. This trendy little spot was so cute and just what we needed to unwind. I wanted something refreshing, so I went with the mozzarella & tomato starter. It hit the spot and was perfect after being out in the heat. I thought summers in Tampa were pretty hot but Miami quickly made me realize I should be lucky I don’t have to deal with the South Florida heat. I’m already itching to get back to visit. I know Aubrey would absolutely love seeing the walls, so I’m hoping to plan a trip down when it’s not 1,000 degrees outside and maybe beat all the other tourists this time.

Have any of you guys been to Wynwood? What did you like about it and what should I put on my must do/see list for next time?

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